Future BenchmarksΒΆ

Future benchmarks will address more intuitive physics conceptual blocks. Here are some projected blocks.

Block Core Principle Related computational problem Infants
O0 Objecthood object segmentation 4 months
O1 (2019) Object permanence object tracking 5 months
O2 (2019) Shape constancy tracking+categorization 10,12 months
O3 (2019) Spatio-temporal continuity tracking+prediction 4 months
O4 Energy conservation trajectory prediction from 10 months
I1 Impenetrability muti-object trajectory planning  
I2 Contact causality action planning  
I3 Gravity and support predicting stability  
I4 Containement object reasoning  

Further blocks will be developped on more complex or non-rigid objects like strings, membranes, fluids and gasses, or articulated objects. Another direction is to use simple objects but more complex dynamics, like self-propelled objects, agents, etc.